Dark Mode Feature Review and Recommendations

TLDR Prabhat announces a new dark mode feature. Gaby reviews it and recommends necessary color and placement adjustments.

Photo of Prabhat
Sat, 01 Jul 2023 02:03:03 UTC

Dark mode is here in dev release channel - public.ecr.aws/zinclabs/openobserve-dev:v0.5.0-f40d4d5-amd64

Photo of Gaby
Sun, 02 Jul 2023 18:13:44 UTC

Overall it looks good, there're a few pages where buttons are purple and green in others. • The "Logs" page needs some work, the very dark boxes are all over the place • In the home the link to "find how to ingest data" is too dark • The space between to top right dropdown is a bit off • The dark/light toggle could probably go somewhere else. Or maybe the "Docs"/Language dropdowns can be move inside the big user menu at the end of the top right menu • In the dashboard page, the darker box looks out of place when stopped midway through the page • Same in the functions page and Streams page • Overall there's a mix of Green/Purple toggles and buttons