Enrichment Issue in Versions 0.6.3 & 0.6.4

TLDR Vaidyanathan is having problem with enrichment and creating new columns, referencing to a prior instruction and a git issue.

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Thu, 12 Oct 2023 12:32:26 UTC

Hi Aashish / team, I am Facing an issue with enrichment. As per the example that you provided I tried. But based on the enrichment VRL the new columns are not getting created. Do I need to format the enrichment data ( basically it’s a CSV that contains all string value . No numerical columns). Version that I am using is 0.6.3 & 0.6.4. No error it throws. But didn’t generate the columns that we want as a resultant of VRL statements. Anyones help is much appreciated ! ( Ref: 1609 git issue. )

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Thu, 12 Oct 2023 13:02:07 UTC

Hi Vaidy