Understanding Log Hits and Doc Numbers in Streams

TLDR Alejandro sought clarification on discrepancies between log hits and Doc Num on a Stream, and asked about automatic updates. Prabhat confirmed that they should be the same and noted ongoing issues being fixed for the next release.

Photo of Alejandro
Sun, 24 Sep 2023 14:05:32 UTC

Hi everyone. A question about something that is not clear to me about how many log hits you get when you search over a stream, and the information that you see on Streams about Doc Num. For example, I searched on windows stream, over the last day (I'm collecting logs from the last 12 hours, so one day is going to be all the logs that I have for that stream), and search report more than 17 millons of hits (screenshot attached). But when I review the Streams page, I see 3,7 millons for Doc Num, even after press the Refresh Stats (screenshot attached). So the question, to see if my understanding is correct: in this case, the number of hits in the Search Page and the number of Doc Num on Streams page need to be similar (not identical, because the OpenObserve is ingesting new logs in this moment), right? Event that the Refresh Stats button is not working for me, are the Stats are going to update themselfs automatically after sometime? Thanks in advance for your help to understand the UI.

Photo of Prabhat
Sun, 24 Sep 2023 14:58:13 UTC

yeah, they should be same. Stats are not being updated in real time. There are also issues we are fixing that should be available in next release.